Multi-published author of paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, and paranormal romantic suspense.

Coming June 13 2022

Coming August 29 2022

Being a female shouldn’t mean you are less capable.* 

Book 4

Animal Senses Series

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Will he look at her with abhorrence, like she's some sort of freak when she's through?

 What will be the price, this time, for the ability she doesn't want?

Available in digital and print.

Stinging from her failure to keep everyone safe on the island, she’s utterly shocked to be promoted to the Royal Guard. Now she’s even more determined to get everything right and nothing will stand in her way. 

Available on apps, in digital and print.

Café by day … bar by night ... Vampires, Were, shifters, witches, trolls, demons, fey … and more all under one cover. 

Available in digital and print.

Sometimes discovering the truth also means facing all that is wrong, even in your own life. 

Available on apps, in digital and print. 


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